About this Blog

My name is Ryan O’Leary and I live in New York City, USA where I was born and raised. I have over 20-years of gaming experience beginning with my Nintendo that I received as a gift on Christmas. Since then, I have been hooked to gaming. One year ago, I decided to start writing about the gaming topics I love and don’t love. After one year, I have found that people actually enjoy my blog (for some strange reason).

The reason I started this blog was due to my love of games, consoles, hardware, accessories and different types of gadgets. I wanted to share my posts with the world. Some readers love what I have to say and others do not. At the end of the day, I enjoy a good debate. I like to sprinkle in PC hardware and gaming reviews, previews and opinion pieces to keep things spicy. On occasion, I will post upcoming news if the topic is interesting enough. I don’t do this often as there are plenty of gaming news sites around the Web and I have no desire to compete with them.